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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 2, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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and until next time, i hope you are learning to be more of a healthy you. hello. welcome to "america's news headquarters." moments ago authorities at los angeles international airport held a news conference with the very latest on their investigation into friday's shooting that took the life of a tsa agent and injured at least five other people. there you can see the scene in one of the terminals. people literally running for their lives as shots are ringing out. dominic is live from l.a.x. with the latest. dominic? >> hi there, greg. the los angeles times is reporting that the gunman was shot in both the head and the
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legs. the circumstances that may have happened, the lapd chief yesterday was saying that officers are trained to actually shoot them to bring them down and to disable them and eventually hold that individual accountable. so they wouldn't have been aiming for his legs. one of the witnessese spoke to say the gunman was actually firing wildly at the time and firing very fast. so that could be one of the reasons if he did indeed end up with a head shot. the hospital has not confirmed his injuries and nobody on the record has confirmed his injuries. we just had a press briefing from the airport police chief, pat gannon, and he was. >>ing what happened in the -- -- he was describing what happened in the moment of the tsa shooting. this is what he had to say just a few moments ago. take a listen. >> our whole posture for security is high-profile. we have a security strategy
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that we employ every single day. obviously today and for the foreseeable future we will continue a very high-profile at the curb and anywhere in those ticketing areas and anywhere on our campuses. >> chief gannon talking about the circumstances here. at the moment they are doing patrols and making sure people don't hang on to the curb too long. they are doing regular checks with the check in area as well. they want to make sure security is still high. things are conducting as normal. terminal 3 is actually now open. fully open later this afternoon and then completely back to normal. that's the way it was described to us a short while ago. people are able to check in. in the case of virgin america they are taken to remote stands to board their flights, but the belief is that later this afternoon you can go into terminal 3 and actually board your flight directly from the terminal. a sense of nor mall tee is returning.
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it has been less than 30 hours since this happened which is what the chief pointed out. we will have an update from the fbi at 4:00 p.m. local time and 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we expect to have more information on how the investigation is going going and clarity on what precisely the injuries are to paul cian cry a. >> dominic, thank you. one of the world's most wanted terrorists with a $5 million bounty on his head is dead. taliban and pakistani officials saying the leader of the pakistani taliban, there he is, has been killed. it was in a u.s. drone strike. assad is believed to be the master mind behind a deadly homicide attack at an of a fan cia-based failed time square bombing in new york city. his death could be a major blow to the pack -- the pakistani group coming at a
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time when pakistan is starting peace negotiations with insurgents. getting fresh fallout over the alien obamacare website. the page will be off line for repairs beginning at about 9:00 tonight until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the technical glitches a is they are being referred to. quote, the tip of the iceberg from senator dan coates who gave the address. molly has more on that. >> greg, the white house has said it is more than an ailing website. today the republican senior senator agreed and said obamacare's problems run, quote, far deeper. >> when middle class families are getting hit with outrageous deductibles, it is more than a website. when individuals can't keep the doctors they have trusted for years it is more than a website.
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>> when hard working americans are seeing their hours cut and paychecks shrink, it is more than a website. >> the department of health and human services, the obamacare website will be down through sunday morning for, quote, extended maintenance. only six people signed up for obamacare the first day the winter olympics went live. only 248 people are enrolled by end of day two. the obama administration needs 30 thine,000 people a day to enroll to meet its goals and make the system work. the white house calls the figures rough figures and they will reveal numbers in mid-november. enrollment will be a close, slow build. >> there is no qi it has been made more challenging by the poorly functioning website. that's on us. that's why we are dedicating the resources and the brain power to get it fixed. >> the obama administration
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expects the numbers for october to be, quote, relatively low. >> molly, thanks very much. the big apple is ramping up security ahead of the new york city marathon. that's tomorrow. in addition to screening the runners and supporters, nearly every inch of the 26.2 mile route is being monitored. bomb-sniffing dogs are patrolling the streets and the helicopters overhead are keeping watch. the new york city marathon is coming just months after the deadly bombings near the finish line of the boston marathon. it has been just over one month since the launch of the health care website many americans across the country cannot enroll now. new documents show the white house knew there would be problems. our panel next on obamacare and the fallout. also, growing fallout from the information leaked by edward snowden. what he is now asking dpor --
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asking for as washington tries to rebuild some relationships. >> it is vital when it comes to america safe and keeping our european allies safe. as i said earlier, the tensions that have been caused by these disclosures are ones that we acknowledge and ones we are addressing directly.
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a check of the headlines. plans are in the work tips to prove the quality of life in the largest syrian refugee camp. it is home to more than 100,000 people that fled the civil war. they are swapping their squad cars for big rigs. the reason? by sitting up higher they have a chance of spotting drivers who are texting.
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and there is going to be a partial solar eclipse visible to most of the east coast tomorrow at sunrise. get up early. it is a rare eclipse where the moon blocks part of the sun and completely in other parts of the world. >> obamacare was the focus of withering hearings this week over the website tee yeahs scow that put the white house on the defensive and em boldened the critics. >> the central issue here is not can we build a great website. it is can we make sure that the american people who deserve affordable, quality health insurance are able to buy it. that's why the president is so frustrated by the website. more frustrated than anyone else. >> this is about more than just a website, and it will take more than a 1-800-rose garden infomercial from the president to fix this. the failure of obamacare launch is just the tip of the iceberg. unless we act, americans will
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be stuck on board this titanic. this is why republicans are going to keep fighting to protect consumers from the consequences of the health care law. >> we also learned something pretty stunning. the obama administration knew all along that as many as 93 million americans may be unable to keep their health plans under obamacare and notwithstanding the president's repeated, chronic promises that everyone who liked their plan a -- could keep them. remember that? now here is ellen ratner and fox news contributor. and the white house political director of the matt, i have right here, this is the federal register dated june 17th, 2010. in it the administration, that is the treasury labor health will project $93 million americans they project will
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lose their health plan. that is the break down. this includes both employer plans and individual policies that would be lost. yet the president repeatedly stood before the american people and he promised no one, absolutely no one would ever lose their plan, period. is that a presidential deception on an unpress sented scale? unprecedented scale? >> if you are one of the millions of americans that will lose their health insurance plan, greg, i think you think it is, and i think there is a reason why the president's approval ratings across the polling agencies, but i woke up and looked at the gallop numbers and it was 41% which is nearly the lowest level. 25% think it will make them better. this is in a very dangerous position for the democrats going to next year's election. but more important than the politics, this is about a website and health insurance. what happens if this gets to the health care delivery? that's what americans are
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worried about. >> the president now seems to admit the deception. he said on wednesday in that speech in boston, he said terminations x quote, were a central premise of the affordable care act from the beginning. my goodness. that's audacious by the president, isn't it? there is no wonder that americans are recoiling at this. >> i am one of those people that was paying so much for my individual health care plan that by not continuing that plan and being able to buy it on the open market once that disasterous site starts to work i will most likely get a much better plan. >> but you don't know that. you haven't been on the site and you haven't shopped. joy oh yes i have been on the site. >> what have you found? >> unfortunately i could not stay on the site. that's the problem. it is a disaster. there is no question about that. the issue is once the site gets fixed and people can sign up, is it going to work? i am going to say right here
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on fox newschannel that it will work fine. >> isolate that sound byte because we will be using that. the president shrugged it all off. he said to accept the termination notice and he said shop around. just shop around. that's all you have to do. we vint viewed countless people and i was watching yesterday and she said she absolutely loved the plan for many, many years and it was affordable and she got canceled because of obamacare and now the monthly premiums have gone from 363 to $713 and her deductible has doubled. does that really put a lie to the president's other promise that the costs can go down? >> of course. let's face it. we know what an unfunded government mandate does to a
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business or individual. it makeses the costs go up. there is no subsidee. you have to have health insurance that has these particular qualifications. it means let me tell what you is happening in virginia. i got on-line and it was a huge achievement and they were able to shop. do you know how many plans were available to scrutinize? one plan. this idea that you will have a whole five or six options in your health care is wrong. what is happening is the whole under pining of the program, the idea that more people would join the health care insurance pool and the costs would come down seems untrue. i am glad ellen would be the seventh person on that day, but there are not enough people jumping in. >> they blamed the insurance companies for can selling. they have to can sell. it is illegal to sell policies without the ehb and those enhanced health benefits.
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why should people be forced to pay for thicks they don't want -- things they don't want or need. >> i think there should have been a way to buy into medicare which we know works and a single payer plan. i think the insurance companies have a lobby here and they want this obamacare in someway. they may not want to take the risk, but they want it. >> why should a man be forced to buy maternity care? i don't need prenatal care. >> if are you a good driver why should you be forced to buy car insurance? it is just -- or house insurance to get a mortgage? it is the way we assign risk in this country. >> trust me. absent a modern medical miracle i am not going to need maternity carry delivering a baby. >> miracles happen. >> that would be a real news story. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> thanks, greg. >> and nsa leaker ed snowden
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new fallout from the nsa scandal. the united states disregarding leaker edward snowden's bid for clemency. his request coming days after a group of lawmakers introduced legislation to rein in the nsa's phone surveillance practices. joining us to talk about it, frederick white, former c.i.a. senior analyst and chief analyst for good to see you. a great many people hail ed snowden as a hero. there is no question he looks in the mirror and sees one. what do you see?
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>> i see a traitor, gregg. this is a man who has undermined the support of the american people for some programs that have kept us safe from terrorism. but more importantly, putting aside the controversy over the nsa collection issue, this man has leaked very sensitive u.s. collection capabilities to america's enemy, russia, china, cuba, north korea. it's laughable he thinks he should get clemency. >> lawmakers trying to rein in. so nsa surveillance program, the techniques being used. look, spying is the second oldest profession. i think we know what the oldest is. that's not going to change, is it? >> of course not. this is being sponsored by leahy. he leaked information to the
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media. he wants to destroy u.s. intelligence. he has no standing to try and fix it. >> the stories out there of spying on other governments and their leaders, that's really nothing new, is it? and those things are carefully, carefully monitored, are they not? >> the house intelligence committee for five years that i was on and there is really aggressive oversight by the senate and house. i wish their members would recognize this. ambassador all bright said when she was ambassador, the french were spying on her. i've done a lot of traveling, they're spying all over the world by our allies. president obama was told to give up his smart phone when he became president. and i can tell you that if a number of our european allies could be listening in to the president's smart phone, i think they would be. >> yeah.
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look. there is an effort by some, including the white house, to sort portray this as rogue elements of the intelligence community. they certainly are insisting the president didn't know anything about the spying on other government leaders. but look, as you say, this is closely monitored and controlled. and the president receives daily, he's supposed to receive daily national security briefings. are you suspicious of the claims by the white house that the president was utterly unaware and uninformed? >> there is too much to the intelligence community to be briefed to the p. it's a vast undertaking and i don't fault the president for not knowing some of this was going on. i'm disappointed they're having some of the members of the administration as rogue elements. but i hope they stay behind it. >> on balance, how much good versus harm does this
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intelligence program reap? >> it does an enormous amount of good. it's stopping terrorist attacks in the united states. it is protecting the u.s. homeland. and frankly, there are no civil liberties concerns. i haven't seen anyone's civil liberties violated, no credible claims. i think that's because the programs have been carefully monitored by congress. >> has the administration -- maybe to some extent congress failed to really communicate to the american people the true nature of this program, no, we're not listening in on your telephone conversations, we are not reading literally your e-mails. it's meta data collection? >> that's right. senator leahy wants to shut off phone collection. i think the administration could do a better job at communicating this to the american people of the but the amount of data stolen by the traitor edward snowden given to the media is just so vast, it's hard for intelligence agencies or the white house to keep up with
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these leaks and to counter them. >> fred, thank you so much for bein former c.i.a. senior analyst. appreciate your insights. >> thank you. i'm gregg jarrett. we'll see you back at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. "the five" is up next. don't forget to turn back your clock one hour when you go to bed tonight. the change in daylight savings time. have a great weekend. we'll see new another hour.
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hello, everyone. i'm andrea tan tear rose, dana perino, greg gutfeld filled. it's 5:00 o'clock if new york city and this is "the five". >> millions of americans are o visiting, which is great news. unfortunately, the site was only designed to handle six users at a >> who would have guessed that saturday night live was so prophetic?t cbs evening news first reportedv last night, they were right on the mark.ophe >> the web site launched on tuesday. publicly, the government said there were 4.7 million unique visits in the first 24 hours. but at a meeting wednesday morning, the war room notes say six
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